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           ENSOO (TAI ZHOU) CHEMICALS CO., LTD., by Singapore in China foreign businessman enterprise of individual proprietorship one, have already passed ISO9001&14001quality system authentication . The company is located in the economic development zone of Huangyan, the registered capital (Hongkong dollar )  is  HK$9,290,000,  the  gross  investment  (Hongkong dollar ) is HK$25,000,000, the factory takes up an area of 1.067 hectares. Company incorporate studying , making ,  managing ,  popularizing ,  developing into an organic whole, product surface related to metal and nonmetal two big class punish the additive series.
          We offer to you and is it prevail chemical nickel money in America a
nd Europe to present, have nickel electroplate , defend electromagnetic shielding , electron not to electroplate , circuit board electroplated , the noble metal and automobile trade electroplate, and plastics , defend bath , mirror holder , buckle electroplate world first-class essential part technology to wait a moment for the electroplated product.
            Kindness full of trees circuit board electroplate technology stem from America and Europe, suitable for circuit board multi-layer circuit , nonmetal metallization series ,etc. respect. And the areas , such as Singaporean , Malaysian , Taiwan , Hong Kong in Southeast Asia ,etc., and has set up the company and  representative  office  of selling in the areas , such  as  Shanghai , Guangdong ,  Shenzhen ,  Fujian , Xi'an , etc.  of  China. There are good prestige and extensive market .
            The company carries out " quality is the lives of enterprises, technology is the first driving force " all the time. Market-oriented, collect research and development of products and techno-logy innovation for many years , make quality keep improving,  satisfied  with  fast development that you seek the low cost with it. Meanwhile, technological  service  engineer  whether  surface deal with senior person of trade, guarantee even more that the products and production operation become more and more perfect.
          We will offer more , better products and service to you. Customer interests it maximizes to be best experience of value their. It is believed that we can do best , let you create the products of high quality and at a reasonable price.
          We welcome your friendly cooperation, create brilliance!


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