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Pre & Post Treatment Electroplating Process
JS AL-9902 Aluminium and aluminium alloy material smokeless polishing compound  g Favorable environmental protection, there is no yellow smoke
 g The luminance is close 3 sour polishing results, the expenses are close 3 sour systems
JS-222 Steel piece electrolytic to degrease the pharmaceutical  g Can be suitable for zinc, copper and brass
 g Can be used as overcastly, the positive pole is electrolytic
 g The low temperature is fast
JS-111 Steel pieces of chemistry degrease the pharmaceutical  g Suitable for zinc, copper, copper alloy, stainless steel,etc.
 g There are except that cured results concurrently, does not corrode the metal base body
 g The low temperature is fast, can be cooperated with and used ultrasonically
JSP-Water soluble close paint  g Antiseptic performance high, produce with low costs, solution maintain convenient
 g Production efficiency is high, water-wash after dealing with, it is easy to operate
JSS-05 Take off the gold water  g Retreat and plate the speed quickly , does not corrode the base of nickel body material
 g Tolerance degree of the solution is high, have long performance life
JS Protector Gold-plated layer protects the pharmaceutical electrolytically  g Corrosion-resistant performance improves, is suitable for hanging and plate or roll and plate
 g Have not influenced one floor of appearances of plating
JSS-9600 Steel one retreats nickel powder  g Retreat and plate the speed fast, with high efficiency, with low costs
 g It is easy to operate, safeguard and easy
JSS-4561 Return the nickel powder on the steel material  g Do not corrode the base of copper body material
 g Retreat and plate the speed quickly , it is low to operate temperature
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