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Precious Metal Electroplating Process

Decorate the gold-plated and gold alloy

 g JS AU 1N-14 Accord with Switzerland standard color NIHS, K value 23K, link about 200-240 hardness.
 g JS AU 2N-18 Accord with Switzerland standard color NIHS is getting yellowish, able to bear and wear and tear, Anticorrosive, the color and luster is even.
 g JS AU 3N Accord with Switzerland standard color 3N, K value plate for 23K layer only bright, wear-resisting performance excellent.
 g JS AU-02 Gold the acid board, economy cheap, it evens color and luster have to be 24 K, It is good to defend the performance of changing color, the thickness is even.
 g JS AU-16K Plate layer gold content 65% - 75% getting yellowish, all bright prolonging malleability good.
 g JS AU-626 Gold iron alloy layer, does not contain the nickel or the cobalt element, will not cause the skin irritated.
 g JS AU-3001 Acid and gold-plated fast, K value is 24K, it is only bright to plate layer.

Electroless gold-plated and the electron use the gold

 g JS LESS AU Assaulting electroless gold-plated, it is good to weld performance, it is good with the adhesive force of body of the base , The gold purity is 99.99%+ high
 g JS AU-3021 High purity soft gold 99.99%+, special-purpose electronic worker industry, has good welding performance , Suitable bonding, low hole crack , it is even to plate layer, Accord with the military standard.
 g JS AU-9305 The weak acid gold is electroplated and fills a prescription, is exposed to resistance 0.3μΩ, purity 99.99%+, Suitable for the transistor, the integrated circuit and semiconductor component, the prevention of corrosion, Have not decoloured.
 g JS AU-04 Acid wear-resisting thick gold, hardness high 120MHV - 190MHV, malleability is good that prolong, the wear ability is strong, Exposed to the resistance 0.6mΩ, the welding can be good; Suitable for hanging and plate, the liquid rolls and is plated.
Plate pure Pd and Pd-nickel alloy bright  g JS PD-01 The impact of the Pd is electroplated, adhesive force is good, the honest price of economy, Lower the impacts on Pd trough of different impurity.
 g JS D-82B Bright fast Pd nickel alloy, apply to the circuit board, an attachment , The switch, keep in touch with one.
 g JS PD-02 The pure Pd is electroplated should apply to the decorating and electronic worker industry and have, superior performance.
JSB Multilevel nickel series  g Silver JS-02 Bright and silver-plated, does not include the bright pharmaceutical of metal , pure degree is high, Fine to prolong malleability little to exposed to resistance, performance good electric conduction have, It is high to grow the efficiency of producing.
 g Silver JS-4 The neutral high speed silver-plated system is applied to( integrated line of IC Way), with person who convey, semiconductor in charge of foot, can plate 1 micron thick one second.
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