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Automobile Hardware Electroplating Process
JS-1142、JS-283 Chemical without phosphorus, degreasing electrolytic ally pink  g Does not include the phosphorus, injure sills , favorable environmental protection
 g Suitable for aluminium one of zinc, copper, brass, iron one
JS-991、JS-5101 Zinc-plated and black, army's green passivation  g Thick membrane type, excellent corrosion-resistant performance
 g Craft steady, wide with low costs range have
JS-345 Liven up the sour salt  g Suitable for zinc alloy, copper, copper alloy, iron and stainless steel,etc.
 g It is even to liven up, can make and liven up and return the chromium electrolytic ally too
JSB Multilevel nickel series  g Antiseptic performance high, produce with low costs, plate liquid maintain convenient
 g Production efficiency is high, water-wash among the process
JS ZN-98 Zinc-plated mere pharmaceutical of cyaniding  g The crystallization is careful , the luminance is close to bright nickel or chromium
 g High cyanide in being low, hang and plate, roll and plate,, on the 43 ¡æ for excellent behavior
 g Can combine and use cyaniding to be zinc-plated except that miscellaneous water, plate layers of good performance
JS ZN-1504 There is zinc cobalt alloy of non-cyanide  g Corrosion-resistant performance can be improved by 2-3 times compared with galvanized layer on an equal basis
 g Can obtain bright and blue and white, colored, brown and black passivation membrane
 g Apply to and register for person who plate roll and plate
JS Zincate EN There is non-cyanide that soak the zinc liquid  g Suitable for all ordinary aluminium alloy, can all use to plate to roll to plate while hanging
 g Low density, having excellent behavior, easy to wash to the complicated part
 JS SN-1/2/3 All bright and acid and tin-plated  g The luminance is good, electric conductivity, the welding can be and antiseptic and excellent
 g Hang and plate, roll and plate and electroplate all right, with low costs at a high speed
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