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Plastic Plating Process

ABS plastics electroplate the technological
process top-grandly

Degreasing g Pair water-washing g Hydrophilic g It takes the first thickly g It takes the second thickly g Retrieve and wash g Pair is water-washed( stir emptily) g Neutralization 
g Pair water-washing g Sensitization in advance g Sensitization g Retrieve and wash g Pair water-washing g Accelerate g Three water-washing g Plate the electroless nickel g Retrieve and wash g Pair water-washing g Copper facing,etc.


 g ETCH 910 Melt and adjust the pharmaceutical for the first time in advance, even, prevent leaking and moulding, it is simple to operate.
 g JS Wetter 920 Thick to take cleaner is even, easy to wash, Prevent leaking and moulding.
 g JS Neut 935 Neutralizer, prevent leaking and moulding, lengthen the Pd service life of colloid.
 g JS Act PP-950 The Pd of the colloid, steady, longer-lived, The content of Pd of liquid of job is low ( <=50ppm).
 g JS Act-960 Accelerate the pharmaceutical, improve and plate one layer of cohesion, careful degree.
 g JS-8004 The plastics electroplate the special-purpose electroless nickel, add singly, the stability is good, Fast to deposit speed, level and smooth appearance have, high adhesive force have.
p This craft is operated for footwork does not need to change and hang midway; Suitable for the full-automatic production line shut the large area plastics one rightly; The content of Pd is low in the sensitization liquid, take out of less lossless.

p Oxidize the device electrolytically: In thick to take trough use , can reduce three price content of chromium of the trough , raise the plastics and cohesion of plating layer.

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