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PCB Plating Process

        Collect  research  and  development  of products and technology innovation for many years, grand to to electroplate circle put out a new generation's high-quality circuit board electroplate China.

 g Sink the copper wire: Degrease , change →Three water-washing →Lose a little →Pair
        water-washing →Soak two in advance →Activate →Pair water-washing →Solve the glue
        →Pair water-washing → Sink the copper →Pair water-washing →Put the shelf →Soak the
  g Electroplate the line: Degreasing →Pair water-washing →Lose a little →Pair water-
        washing →Soak the acid →Electric copper facing →Pair water-washing →Soak the acid
        →Electroplate the plumbous tin →Pair water-washing → Put the shelf →Soak the acid
        →Half bright nickel →Bright nickel →The nickel retrieving →Pair water-washing →Soak
        the acid →The electricity gilding →The gold retrieving →Three water-washing → Put the
        shelf →Retreat the membrane , lead tin , silk to print (or the electricity gold-plated finger)

◆ JS-562 Clean , level copper deep hole, adjust deep hole electric  charge,  it makes to be even to pay the Pd.
◆ JS-563 Strengthen the rough degree of surface notably, guarantee cohesi-on.
◆ JS-564 Maintain and activate the density of the liquid, reduce pollution , reduce the Pd to loss , enable having the Pd of the colloid smoothly.
◆ JS-565 High activation , high life-span with high capacity and efficiency, reduce and enclose pinkly , have the base body evenly .
◆ JS-566 Long life , high-efficient. Promote the chemical copper to sink spe-ed and cohesion.
◆ JS-567 Sinking the liquid steadily, deposit fast, it is even and pre-pressing and thin to deposit on story, high cohesion.
◆ JS-575 Gao Run is wet, high emulsification, adjust the hole wall high-efficiently, finger mark that strong.
◆ JS-603 Add singly, plate it well , plate layer bright , level , close , malleability , a sex are good to prolong.
◆ JS-703 The special body is developed, resolve little, steady, safeguard it conveniently. It is good to have no stress , color and luster to plate layer.
◆ JS-733 The electric current is wide in density, high bright , high whole flat , high cohesion, low stress, add it conveniently, plate the liquid steadily.
◆ JS-803 It is close , golden yellow to plate layer, resist and sink the speed , high life-span rottenly , high high, the welding is extremely good.
◆ JS-653 Does not include the silicon , high and steady , with high capacity and efficiency, there is little consumption, operate and safeguard it conveniently.
◆JS-695 It is low to glue , permeate , help welding it well high, the solder joint is bright , easy to wash, pollution is low.
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