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Nickel-free Electroplating Process
JS-3 White copper and tin take the place of the nickel  g Plate the speed fast, hardness 350-400 Vickers 10min 7µm Can draw silks to make ancient and silvery
 g Plate layer pure white, bright, malleability is good that prolong
 g Plating the liquid steadily, does not haze , it is convenient to safeguard
 g  Already a nearly ten thousand liters of troughs of liquid is constructed and plated normally in Guangdong, Fujian and Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces
JS-2 Golden copper and tin  g The color and luster is golden, bright, malleability is good that prolong
 g Plating the speed fast, 10min 7 µm, hard, Most suitable for doing the gold-plated one The ground floor electroplating
 g Very steady when plating the liquid, do not haze , easy to use
JS- Black tin cobalt  g The appearance has metallic luster , there is no nickel
 g The hardness is too good, fast in colour to become
 g t is very steady to plate the liquid
 g The adjustable depth of the color and luster, it is strong to cover ability, can roll and plate
 g Already a ten thousand liters of troughs of liquid has constructed plating normally in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang area
JS-1501 The tin cobalt takes the place of the chromium  g Imitative appearance of chromium that the antique is bright
 g Plate the liquid steadily, plate layer wear-resisting and is able to bear changing color
 g The fine electric current is distributed, also suited to rolling and plate, waste water treatment is easy
JS-01 Neutral gold  g The color and luster is standard 24K color of Switzerland
 g  Plate little gold content of liquid , 0.3-0.8g/L, province gold
 g t is strong to plate the ability to resist pollution of the liquid
JS- Gold copper cadmium alloy  g The hardness is good, all bright, wear-resisting , Anti-corrosion
 g Color and luster available pink one of 13-18K golden, prolong malleability kind
 g Select the high density for use and plate the liquid , can plate 20µma
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