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Electroless Nickel Plating Process
High phosphorus electroless nickel series  g JS-935 All bright、High corrosion resistance
 g JS-932 Moderate speed, half light, project application
 g JS-3301 It is not the magnetic, used in the magnetic disc of memory
Medium-sized phosphorus electroless nickel series  g JS-931 High speed, all bright
 g JS-934 High-speed, steady, all bright
 g JS-998 Environmental protection nature chemical nickel , include the heavy metal
Low phosphorus electroless nickel series  g JS-916 It is high and hard to answer, low stress, high point
 g JS-919 Low temperature, high speed
 g JS-917 EMI The system is suitable
Special use electroless nickel series  g JS-8004 Suitable for the plastics to electroplate
 g JS-965 Special-purpose in PCB
 g JS-928 Include the Teflon (PTFE)
 g JS-968  Special chemical nickel on magnesium and magnesium alloy
Relevant auxiliary materials  g JS-8600 There is high speed electroless nickel of non- cyanide that retreats and plates the pharmaceutical
 g JS ACT-352 Activator before plating the electroless nickel on the copper surface
 g JS Zincate EN There is non-cyanide that soaked the zinc before a electroless nickel of aluminium
Appreciation presenting  g The electroless nickel with low-priced economy automatic allies control the system of adding
 g The economical and practical electroless nickel production line designing
 g EMI/RFI Electroless nickel whole schemes, such as magnetic disc of aluminium,etc.
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